The Mission

The European Writing Instrument Manufacturer's Association (EWIMA) represents at present 57 leading manufacturers of finished products as well as suppliers of components from 10 European countries. Distribution subsidiaries fully owned by manufacturers are also eligible for membership.

EWIMA is organised as an organisation with direct membership of the companies. Companies who operate Europe-wide or worldwide can decide upon matters of their interests individually and directly. The association can represent the industry more efficiently and in fact faster by receiving arguments by the individual members.

Independent – funded by members only
Exclusive service provided to members only

EWIMA is dedicated to serve its members on all specific matters, relating to manufacture and distribution of writing instruments and components.

EWIMA informs its members in bulletins and circulars or in conferences and meetings on all issues of concern.

EWIMA serves as a platform for communication. Members can discuss or evaluate amongst each other all specific matters. Members enrich EWIMA with insight details to support its policies.

Finally, members express their interest in EWIMA in order to achieve a common opinion within the industry.

1.    Informing members specifically on

  • Consumer safety
  • Toy safety
  • Chemical topics
  • Technical matters
  • Specific legal implications
  • Commercial status of the industry
  • Ecological considerations

2.    Communication amongst members

  • Internal exchange and networking
  • Resolutions on common positions in all matters of concern for the industry
  • Specific communication amongst pencil manufacturers in EWIMA Pencil Committee

3.    Service to members only

  • Briefing on European / international legislation
  • Information on specific inquiries by members
  • Product related patent service
  • Standardization / normative commitment

4.    Membership representation towards

  • European authorities (EU)
  • National governments / institutions, enforcement offices
  • Related industries / distribution channels
  • Consumers, general public
  • Standardization institutes (CEN, ISO, etc.)
  • Other non-governmental organizations (NGO)